Smart Trips Emergency Ride Home program provides a free ride home from work for employees who have an emergency on a day that they used alternative transportation.

When an employee who got to work via a Smart Trip has an emergency, Smart Trips ERH program will pay for their ride home - up to 60 miles one way. The ERH program does not cover rides for personal errands, pre-scheduled overtime or medical appointments, or other instances where transportation could have been scheduled in advance. The only side trip allowed would be to pick up a sick child from daycare or school on the way home. 

When you join Smart Trips, you will be provided with access to 2 printable Emergency Ride Home vouchers. If you use these vouchers properly and remain an active participant, you will have access to an additional voucher each time you use one up to a total of 5 each year. 

For a complete explanation of ERH rules and policies please see: Get the details